“What’s coming at you is what’s coming from you”

“What’s coming at you is what’s coming from you”



This is a lesson a learned from an old outsourced co-worker.  Whenever something went wrong and everyone was freaking out, they would take their stress out on other people — to which those people would respond the same way back, and the whole thing would escalate.

It’s important, especially when faced up against an obstacle, that you realize whatever you start offering energetically to the situation is what will come back to you.  If you remain open and in a positive problem-solving state, then the answers will float your way.  If you close off and start blaming other people, then guess what — people are going to start blaming you too.

Control your state. Control your mind.  And you will inevitably control the outcome.

Just be Positive and then work; You will come out with the best development!!

Repeat one positive thing about yourself, over and over.


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