Big Data Analytics –The Best Career Move in the Coming Years!

Big Data Analytics –The Best Career Move in the Coming Years!

Organizations are consistently assessing trends to find out how they can reach their goals. The recent searches show that the use of Big Data Analytics is possibly the hottest skills dominating modern job markets and the best career move for many.It is rapidly growing field, talent demand is superb, right set of skills with huge potential is required, and money is good. Way better money than working for an NYC cleaning service or as a bus boy!

Not new, Big Data is everywhere, and it is growing. The thing is once you begin to understand it; you see an enormous amount of data floating everywhere. It aids in developing business, decision makings and rendering the key edge over the competitors. As a result, there is an extremely large demand of folks with expertise to help, analyze and manage companies using this data successfully. Those who are trained in this area, there is a hell lot of opportunities out there.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why making a career in Big Data would be the best decision:

High demand in companies

 Undoubtedly, Big Data has seen an astounding change in the last few years. Many companies are investing to be more data driven in how they carryout business. Thus, the searches for better candidates who have expertise in data tech are highly appreciated for organic growth of business. The demand for Big Data science requires a high degree of skills, held by a very rare supply of dedicated professionals. The talent is growing and so the demand is.  Moreover, the survey shows that Big Data analytics has scored the list of companies looking for long term improvements in performance levels. Big data provides valuable insights that would better management decisions. 


Big data is booming and the demand is increasing the wages for skilled professionals. There are scores of organizations paying big bucks to the right candidate. A candidate having knowledge of Big Data science can earn 13.10 L annually, while with only Big Data skills can up to 9.8 L yearly. People staying in Mumbai have good news as the city pays the highest salary among others and one shouldn’t think of moving to a new place. This is not all; there is a great opportunity of earning big money for candidates who have excellent skill-set in the domain of Big Data analytics worldwide. Salary trend for Big Data Analytics in US is $103000 yearly.

Big Data usage across every industry 

It is transforming across various industries like hospitality, retail, technology, real estate, education and so on. Offering amazing opportunities for organizations to be more data driven and customer- centered service while improving revenue. It is indeed a laudable platform for a positive and exponential growth. So, you can decide which industry to get into, based on your choice.

Role in decision making

A key competitive research for oodles of organizations, Big Data analytics is vital for companies to stay ahead. Firms have to react faster to take decisions that are state-of-the-art. Allowing superior decision-making capabilities, analytics and new strategies indubitably stand out among other alternatives in the competition. All in all, it brings in very important information that can help business take apt business decisions.

Future for data Analytics 

Undeniably, Big Data has taken the business by storm and will continue to grow in coming years. Many companies are using Big Data to drive revenue and value. One of the many reasons for the growth in Big Data is the way it enables people from every sector to contribute and results are out-of-the-box. IDC has predicted that market for Big Data will include the intelligence by 2020. In addition to it, Gartner predicts that machine learning will be a top element for data preparation and half of the business will be related to data by 2018.

Interesting job titles 

With plentiful and attention-grabbing job titles to choose from (Analytics associate, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, business consultant),there are numerous options in terms of area and job too. Some of the organizations that are using Big Data analytics for their business needs are Microsoft, Oracle, FICO, Opera, ITrend, IBM and many more.

No matter where you study from, if you are dedicated and experienced enough with Big Data tools, no one can stop you from paying a handsome salary across the globe. Seize the opportunity to create an exceptionally valuable time for you.


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