What can we do to link the gap between design and development

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Design and Development teams within any agency are like warring factions. Design, led by creativity and optimism; development, grounded in reality and pragmatism.

It should be a two-way process where both sides can learn from each other. Top recommendations on how to make this happen from sources are:-

  1. Get many different eyes on the project:- Learn what can and can’t work at the beginning and you’ve got more scope to produce problem-solving solutions by the end.
  2. Project managers need to be organized and strong-willed:- Keeping designers working to time can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s important in order to allow developers to make their ideas a reality.
  3. Instill a respect for each other in your team:- Getting designers and developers to recognize and acknowledge the difficulties of each other’s jobs is vital when it comes to handing over the project between teams.
            Do you have any other tips for getting design and development teams working closer together? Share them in the comments.

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