Tribute to Steve Jobs

Tribute to Steve Jobs
Steven P. Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011 after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. He was just 56 years old. We mourn his passing, and wish his family the very best.

We loved him.

He was the reason many of us got into this industry, or even care about technology at all. He made the computer personal, and the smartphone fun. Bill Gates may have put a computer on every office desk, but it was Steve Jobs who put one in every dorm room and bedroom and living room. And then, years later, he repeated the trick, putting one in every bag and every pocket, thanks to the iPad and iPhone. If you use a computer or smartphone today, it is either one he created, or an imitation of his genius.

He changed the way movies are made, the way music is sold, the way stories are told, the very way we interact with the world around us. He helped us work, and gave us new ways to play.

He was a myth made man.

Prior to Steve Jobs, computers were alien to most of us. They were accessible to few people without an engineering degree. Not merely because of their complex operating procedures, but also because they were so cold and so inhuman. Jobs understood that they could be something more than that. That while computers would never be people, he could endow them with humanity. He could transform them into machines that not only anyone could use, but that everyday people would enjoy using thanks to the art of great design. He made them something that would be part of our lives. And he did that again and again.

7 Creative, Marvelous and Downright Weird Ways People Paid Tribute to Steve Jobs

His life story is familiar, but it deserves repeating.  Here are Marvelous and Downright Weird Ways People Paid Tribute to Steve Jobs!! There’s also no shortage of creative and bizarre ways fans of the “Billion Dollar Hippie” have paid tribute to the legendary tech mogul. Here are seven interesting, fun and quirky homages to the man who sold his Volkswagen bus to ignite a computing revolution:

1. ‘Cheese Jobs’ on a platter

We weren’t kidding. A self-described “Apple fanboy” really did sculpt a decent rendition of Jobs’s noggin out of soft, pliable mozzarella cheese. Ken from proudly displayed what he lovingly dubbed “Steve Jobs Cheese Head” atop a glorious platter smothered in “Spicy Steve Nachos, iPad Thai and Apple Cheese.” The hot mess, complete with a replica of Jobs’s iconic wireframe glasses, was a cheesy, yet heartfelt homage “to the greatest consumer electronics company of all time.” Bon appetit, Apple heads.

2. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates Epic Rap Battle

In this lively “Epic Rap Battles Season Two” throw-down, a Steve Jobs impersonator and a Bill Gates impersonator go head to head over who is the bigger nerd and has more techie accomplishments.

Much NSFW silliness and insults ensue, ranging from who made the cooler computer to who deserves more credit for revolutionizing the world of computing and beyond. It’s a classic Windows vs. iOS shouting match, peppered with swears and sexual innuendos. Not exactly a tribute for the ages, the short clip is a strange if somewhat entertaining diversion, backed by tacky techno beats. You’ve been warned. Check out the nerdy action below.

3. The ultimate Steve Jobs tattoo

Several fans of Jobs show their devotion to the tech genius by inking his image forever on their skin. Now that’s devotion. One of the best tattoos we’ve seen of Jobs is “LA Ink” star Nikko Hurtado’s finely detailed and realistic portrait of the innovator, which comes close to capturing Jobs’s intensity. Check it out here, along with several other Jobs homage tattoos.

4. Young Steve Jobs action figure

For those not bold (or crazy) enough to ink the image of Jobs on their skin, Legend Toy’s 12-inch plastic action figure made in his likeness was, for a time, a less painful and non-permanent way to keep his memory alive. The figure featured a ’70s era mop-topped “Young Steve Jobs” sitting cross-legged with a detailed model of the first Apple computer awkwardly balanced on his lap. Several other collectible action figures of Steve Jobs are currently making the rounds on eBay, ranging in price from $15 to $2,000.

5. Hello Kitty-Steve Jobs hybrid

The folks at Sanrio, the company behind kawaii cultural icon Hello Kitty, apparently had a soft spot for Jobs. The Japanese licensing powerhouse created a tribute to the tech wizard following his death and aptly called it “Hello Stevie.” It featured Jobs in a hybrid Hello Kitty form, with the Apple co-founder’s iconic blue jeans and black turtleneck uniform, and, of course, his glasses.

6. Steve Jobs memorial statue

In 2014, Serbian sculptor Dragan Radenovic created a bizarre sculpture to honor what would have been Jobs’s 59th birthday. The effigy is perhaps as eccentric as the innovator was himself. A tall, dark geometric bronze sculpture, it features Jobs’s head at the top of a long rectangular column. Oddly jutting out of the sides are Serbian letters, a Latin letter and numeric digits in reference to the binary system used in computers. Geeky to the max just about covers it.

7. Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone case

In perhaps the quintessential nerd combo, a clever artist by the name of Greg Koening concocted a unique iPhone case that replicates the famous “carbonite freeze” scene from Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back. Instead of Han Solo being frozen, however, it features Jobs imprisoned in carbonite.

Apple’s lawyers reportedly weren’t thrilled with the plastic case that depicted their beloved co-founder in vivid detail and sent the case’s creator a cease-and-desist letter, according to MTV. Koening said his freeze tribute “was fun while it lasted,” per a report on Cult of Mac. As you might guess, the case is now history. We didn’t see it on eBay or anywhere else online, but we did find plenty of other iPhone cases emblazoned with Jobs’s image.

He was simply a man. He changed the world. He made it better. Our world will be less interesting, less exciting, and less meaningful without him. Adieu, Mr. Jobs. We will miss you so very much.


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