Microsoft’s Biggest Hits And Flops

Microsoft’s Biggest Hits And Flops

From the outsource we have brought the 12 biggest hits and fails of Microsoft!!

Hit:- Windows XP (2001)

Released in 2001, Windows XP proved popular enough to last a good decade. It was Microsoft’s first mass market OS to support Windows NT, a powerful multiprocessing, multi-user OS.

Flop:- Windows Vista (2006)

Near the end of his tenure, Steve Ballmer said one of his biggest regrets was Windows Vista during his 14 years as CEO of Microsoft. Despite spending half a decade in development, the final product was an expensive, clunky mess.

Hit:- Office 365 (2011)

Microsoft’s Office 365 brought all the usefulness of the company’s Office products to the cloud. Now you could sync up all documents on your computer to your mobile devices.

Flop:- Microsoft ME (2000)

The last Windows 9X series OS released, Microsoft ME suffered from serious stability issues.

Hit:- Xbox (2001)

Xbox was Microsoft’s first entry into the competitive console market. And its first big jump into hardware. It was far from certain whether Microsoft was going to be able to compete with the likes of Sony’s domination with the PlayStation 2, but the system came to become one of the major console players. Now currently on the third generation of the system with the Xbox one, it looks like Microsoft made the right decision. Still the console business is hard to make money in. Some analysts believe Microsoft is losing $2 billion per year on the division.

Flop:- Internet Explorer 6 ( 2001)

Internet Explorer 6 was the default browser shipped with Windows XP and labelled by some as the “least secure software on the planet.”

Hit:- Surface (2012)

Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad won mostly strong praise from tech pundits for it’s hardware, but continues to suffer for it’s limited selection of apps.

Flop:- Kin (2010)


Microsoft’s short lived mobile phone for social networking. The home screen worked as an aggregator for all your social account networks. Sales did not do well and the phone was quickly shelved.

Hit:- MS-DOS (1981)

MS-DOS served as the main OS for IBM PC’s during the 80’s to mid 90’s.

Flop:- Microsoft Bob (1995)

Intended to make Windows easier to use with talking cartoon animals, Microsoft was much derided by the press and failed to attract customers.

Hit:- Windows 3.1 (1992)

Reaching 3 million sales only after 2 months, Windows 3.1 led us to naming Microsoft the “Most Innovative Company Operating in the US” that year and also sealing Microsoft’s dominance as the most widely used OS for long time.

Flop:- Zune (2006)

Five years after apple came out with the iPod, Microsoft tried its hand in a portable media player with Zune. Although not a complete failure, it was clear Microsoft had taken too long to release it and failed to compete with Apple in any significant way.

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