Google Analytics Tips for startups 2016

Google Analytics Tips for startups 2016

How to use Google Analytics effectively?

Google Analytics can provide a wealth of information about consumer behaviour, but sometimes it is hard to convert into meaningful and actionable data. To help, we have compiled a list of helpful Google Analytics Tips from outsource to make the most out of your consumer data.

Here are 13 too Google Analytics tips and tricks for your start-up…

1) Track the consumer

Here’s how to monitor the path your consumers have taken from the entrance to the exit of your website:

Go to ‘behavior’, then ‘site content’ and finally ‘content drill down’.

Like the name suggests, the entrance rate refers to the amount of people that have visited your site. The bounce and exit rate while similar do have some notable differences. The bounce rate refers to users that have visited only one page on your site – not visiting any other pages from that point. Whilst the exit rate factors in additional pages that visitors have, or may have visited before leaving said page.

2) Create custom alerts


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