Choose between a Web and Native App

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The first step in developing an app is determining whether it should be native or on the web. This decision will impact every stage of development.

Native apps have major performance gains over their web app counterparts. The speed of accessing information is much faster in a native app, and it’s capable of accessing the full range of device capabilities.

Unfortunately, a native app only works on one OS. An app developed for Windows must be redeveloped for Android, iOS, and even newer versions of Windows in order to retain compatibility. Native apps may not sacrifice performance, but enlisting a development team for each OS is a costly prospect and isn’t feasible for many companies (which is why so many enterprise apps are only available for one platform at launch).

Choosing between a web, native, or hybrid app largely depends on the needs of your project. Cost and reliability are factors, though they’re not the only ones. Ask these questions to yourself when determining your needs:-

1. Will the project rely on device features?

2. Will the project require extensive animations or movement?

3. Is there heavy data entry involved?

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