pRM’s Online testing module is a fast, efficient and highly advanced web based examination system specially designed for competitive exams and comprises of large set of features that makes it a premium product in its segment. It is not only an examination  panel but a complete skill analysis tool.

System Highlights















Major Modules of the System


A) Admin Module


 1) Create new application users, change profile settings, delete users.
 2) Covers security features that define  roles of users for data transparency.
 3) Generation of new class, section,  subjects & other details, also delete or update existing details.
 4) Setting of reports and performance pattern for each student, also analysis of data.
 5) View student’s report and performance chart also send notification if any.
 6) View paper sets and verify them if required

B) Student Module


 1) Student profile displays notification of scheduled exams for student (coming week/month wise).
 2) Examination panel for attempting exam for students.
 3) Student report notification Centre displaying  student’s exam report.
 4) Students can get marked, unmarked, answered, correct and incorrect questions full review about exam with correct answers.
 5) Previous and current exam report status with graphical representation.
 6) Notification of un-attempted examinations  by students.
 7) Exams reports and shortcomings analysis can be done


C) Co-ordinator Module


 1) Insertion, deletion and updating  of questions into database
 2) Making of new exam paper from current questions in database
 3) Creating  examination paper sets according to categories and sections
 4) Assigning papers on student’s profile and scheduling them on weekly basis.





D) Institute Module


 1) This module generates Institute  Identity as an individual software user
 2) Institute/organization will get its own logo &advertising panel with software.
 3) Institute/organization will get full access to student’s reports and performance as a feedback
 4) Owner can track weak students via reports and concentrate on their performance