As a school owner, you have to face the challenge of huge competition in organization.

  • How better have the ease to use functionality?
  • How run your school more efficiently?
  • How take the best decision?

The circle of concerns is large. Therefore we have developed software especially for school where in the manual functionalities are reduced by technological user friendly aspects. The school each activity will be recorded and will be under control.




43199409-school-kid-school-kidThe above mentioned module provide features in support of complete student and parent details, student attendance, reports, mark sheets, top student reports, student certificate, school management, staff attendance reports, student fee & defaulter reports, examination management, activities and co-curricular activity management.

Major Modules of The System



Optional Features:-

  • E-mail facility
  • Parent’s Login on school website
  • Attendance can be done by using Biometric system
  • Message facility for parents can be automated through system
  • For Salary of staff another system “Payroll Master” for payroll management can be implemented


These are not only the features; the system is comprehensive and manages the entire school by reducing manual functionalities. We provide authorized access to this system with easy to use functionality.



iSkol Master ( An Ultimate Product for School Management)